22 February 2016

Day 2: The Search Narrows

Today I'll be scheduling a visit to the "we want it!" house we saw on Saturday. The exterior is even better than the website photos make it look, and the pics from inside look great. However, the lower level floor plan is unclear.

But there's sufficient off-street parking for our fleet o' 4x4s, and it has a deck which wraps around two sides of the house.

If this all comes together, I promise a picture or two, but let's not get the cart before the horse. :)

* * * * *

The "big" snowstorm forecast for Saturday and Sunday came - and went - with more bluster than snow. We got less than two inches, at least in our part of town, and temps rose into the mid-30s before it was all over.

So most of the snow is already gone, and the weatherman (why does he think we'll believe him, again?) opines that we'll get lots of rain or a rain/snow mix today, without accumulation.



drjim said...

I had a post sometime back about the pictures on RE websites vs the reality of driving up to the house.

It brings "Creative Photography" to a whole new level!

Rev. Paul said...

I recall that post, Jim, and you're right; there was one place that has 40 to 50 feet of lawn in the front yard - you can see it in the photos. On arrival, we found it was 15 feet, taken with a very carefully adjusted depth of field.

drjim said...

Yeah, they use wide-angle lenses and some special software that eliminates the "fish eye lens" effect.

Or they crop the image so you can't see the trashy neighbor next door's house, the one with three cars up on blocks in the front yard.

I could go on, but you already know what I'm speaking about.....