01 February 2016

Police Blotter: Wading in the River, Walking in the Dark, and Using a Big Fist

Public Safety
Officer contacted an individual wading in the Iliuliuk River. The officer was concerned because the individual was not dressed to be wading in the water and the weather was not conducive to this type of activity. The individual stated he was just going for a walk. It was suggested that wading in cold water, at night, during the winter, without proper gear, was probably not a good idea.

Caller reported that the Resolve Marine Barge that is usually moored in the bay in front of APL had broken loose and was adrift and nearing the Bayview Road beach area. The barge eventually ran aground on the beach and was later successfully pulled from the beach.

A woman reported that $300 had been stolen from her while she was visiting with friends. All of her friends allowed officers to check their pockets and wallets, but no money was found. One friend told officers that he did not believe the victim ever had said money in her possession.

Traffic Roads
Caller reported a gaggle of men walking in the middle of Captain’s Bay Road, creating a significant traffic hazard. An officer contacted the uniformly dark-clothed men, advised them of the complaint and recommended the use of some lighting or reflective clothing when walking after dark.

Officers responded to a report that one woman was trying to kill another woman at Westward Seafoods, and found two women, both under the influence of what appeared to be Spice, seated outside their bunkhouse. Officers found no indication that any violence had been perpetrated, though the alleged victim clearly had an altered level of consciousness.

Officers investigated an alleged threat which had occurred many hours earlier. The victim told police that another man, who owes him money, had threatened to punch him with his big fist but the victim had not reported it at the time since he believed the suspect deserved another chance. Officers determined no imminent threat of injury existed.

Homeowners asked that officers remove an intoxicated woman from their residence. The woman, who refused to leave their bathroom, berated the responding officer for his youth and his refusal to take her to the house next door before finally leaving the premises.


Chickenmom said...

LOL! A gaggle of men - would have loved to see a photo of that!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I'm not so sure it would have been photogenic. Perhaps as a bad example ...