06 April 2016


My annual renewal of this domain is April 11, but Google ... bless their darling hearts and greedy wallets ... wants me to establish an account with Google Apps for Work, set myself up as an administrator, and tell them what the company website is, and how many employees need e-mail accounts.

I tried several times to establish an account, following their directions, and they won't recognize this blog site as a "domain". And they insist that the annual renewal ($10/year) is now a monthly fee of $5.

I don't know if this page will disappear, or if they'll just put "blogspot" back into the URL.

Sigh... They really shouldn't mess with a blogger who's been on the fence about quitting anyway. Know what I mean?


threecollie said...

Would hate to see you quit....but Google sure can be frustrating!

Guffaw in AZ said...

Been there, done that.
Moved to Wordpress after year one.
Still have had some issues, but WP seems to be less buggy overall.
Because I cannot leave well enough alone, am experimenting with a new Chromium based browser named Vivaldi this morning.
Reportedly fast and uses less memory than IE, FF, etc.
Have has a few issues - the jury remains out.

Good Luck!


Rev. Paul said...

threecollie - I don't feel the frustration with it that I used to, but it's getting harder to muster the effort to write.

Rev. Paul said...

guffaw, I created a Wordpress page called "Way Up North", several years ago. Never posted on it, and only remembered it because of your comment just now. Ah, well ...