11 May 2016

Feeling It Already

We took the first loads of 'stuff' to the new house yesterday, and unloaded three large SUVs full of boxes with which we had played Tetris in order to maximize cargo space.

After unloading the trucks, and running those stairs a few too many times, we went back to the Anchorage location and refilled the trucks. Today's load is heavy. My V6 is wishing it had a couple extra cylinders. :)

The painters will be at the new house today, changing the palette in both daughters' bedrooms and the family room. Meanwhile, we're staging nearly everything in the garage. It seems the landlord at the Anchorage end has new renters champing at the bit to get into the place we fixed up so nicely, a couple years ago.

So we'll attempt to be out by the end of the day on Friday. We originally thought we'd have until Sunday, but the shorter time is voluntary. If we don't get done, we don't get done; not a big deal.

But today we're taking the beds along, and are planning our first night in our home.

So we'll unload the mattresses and box springs, the three SUVs again, and then head back into Anchorage to reload. Again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Yes, I know it's not a unique experience. So why am I making such a big deal about it? Because we've never owned a house before.

Some may be surprised by that admission, but there it is. We've been transients, and rarely stayed anyplace for more than a few years. In 36 years of marriage, we've moved nearly two dozen times. Much of that was in the early years, and we've been in our current digs for nearly 13 years ... but it wasn't in God's timing for us to buy, until now.

So we're first-time home buyers, and it just happens to be this beautiful Alaskan home in the Chugach Mountains.

We are truly blessed.


Guffaw in AZ said...

I miss my house...


Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Guffaw. I still pray you'll get one of your own, again.

Old NFO said...

Can't argue with your logic! :-) Mind the back...

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Double congratulations. We had a house, ended up short selling it when we moved here, and then rented for 4 years. There is just something nice about being able to do what you want to or need to.

threecollie said...

I am so happy for you! We moved constantly when I was a kid and young adult...those roots sure do feel good. Take care of yourself though..that moving stuff is hard work!

Chickenmom said...

It's worth every strained back muscle and unpacking boxes! It's good to put down roots and is worth waiting for. Many blessing to you and yours in your new home!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, NFO. Back is okay, so far; hips & knee ... another story. Ow.

threecollie, don't we know it. The bottle of ibuprofen is right next to the coffeepot, and gets visited frequently.

Chickenmom, I believe you're right. :) Thanks!

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I'm so happy for you and your Sweet Wife on moving into your new home.
It's a lot of work moving boxes and stuff up and down stairs. Remember to not over work, and relax a bit before having to go back to work.