25 June 2016

A Match Made in Heaven

click for enlargification :)


Chickenmom said...

Heh! Can't have one without the other! :o)

Fiona said...

Ahh theres nothing like bacon and eggs except for bears and salmon:)

Rev. Paul said...

An eternal truth, Chickenmom. :)

Fiona, bear isn't as good as a steak as it is when in stew or chili. But I'm probably a bit spoiled from getting it so often. Most folks will never taste it.

Fiona said...

oops...I meant bears eating salmon:) Your Photo remined me of watching Grizzly bears eat Salmon along the Fraser River in British Columbia.
I agree bear is better in a stew. Moose steak is hard to beat though!
We are making our own bacon this fall with luck.