25 July 2016

Police Blotter: Much Ado About ... Something

Officers responded to the Harbor View Bar regarding a report of a brawl outside the facility. One man attempted to hide in a vehicle while several others rapidly walked away from the scene. Investigation ultimately revealed that two of the party had fought with one another, causing minor injury to one person. Neither wished to press charges.

Domestic Disturbance
Officers responded to a residence wherein a landlord/mother was upset because a tenant had been playing with her infant and she did not want him to do so. A loud argument ensued as a result of the tenant's undesirable behavior. Officers determined that no crime had occurred. The tenant elected to retire to his room.

Officer stopped a driver for speeding and after detecting an odor of alcohol in the vehicle, asked the driver to submit to field sobriety tests. The driver was not charged with any crime but did elect to find alternative transport for the evening.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Vehicle owner asked an officer to remove from her tailgate the drunken young man seated thereon. The man, who was indeed intoxicated and also belligerent, refused to cooperate and suggested the officer get help. He became quite compliant when the number of officers rapidly doubled, and agreed to leave the area.

Liquor Law Violation
Officers advised an inebriated man who was attempting to recite the alphabet without much success that he was not allowed to enter or remain on any licensed establishment this night.

Fire Safety
Officer advised a man that burning waste oil in a barrel which was surrounded by other barrels of flammable liquids was probably not a good idea. The man agreed with this assessment and subsequently shut down the incineration operation.

Drunk Disturbance
Caller asked officers to take custody of a man who had been drinking for several days and who the caller was tired of watching. Officers found the drunk passed out on his bed, and later determined his drinking was a violation of court orders.


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