22 August 2016

Police Blotter: Never Mind...

Welfare Check
Officers responded three times to a residence where an intoxicated occupant repeatedly called the police for assistance with unspecified problems, and then insisted that they leave once they arrived on scene. No criminal activity was observed.

An intoxicated caller reported a possible theft. The caller was unable to articulate why she thought there was a theft and hung up the phone.

Assistance Rendered
Caller reported being attacked by swooping eagles. She was afraid to move for fear of injury. Officers responded to assist. As the officers arrived, the sun set. The eagles seemed to lose interest in the caller once it was dark.  She was able to continue walking down the hill unmolested by her feathered attackers.

Caller reported individuals “dip-netting” in the “Church Hole.” Officers responded and found that two German tourists were filming the salmon underwater using GoPros on a pole.

Officers investigated a possible oversized trailer. The trailer was under water when an officer arrived on scene and its dimensions could not be immediately ascertained.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officer investigated some blinking lights on a piece of heavy equipment. Nothing was found to be amiss.

Caller reported that someone was feeding the eagles causing a hazard as one of the eagles had flown into her truck. Officers investigated and discovered that the eagles were not being fed but were congregating, as eagles are known to do.


ProudHillbilly said...

Eagles swooping at her because nest nearby maybe? Had to do faceplant in FL once because unbeknownst to us hikers there was an owl nest next to the trail.

Rev. Paul said...

Eagles' nests (aeries) tend to be a high altitude, higher than other predators can fly, for protection. More likely they were protecting a food source. Baldies are scavengers.

Brigid said...

In thinking of your oversized underwater vehicle I remember a passenger once asking me if the Shorts Sherpa could land on water (given it's odd shape). I said sure - but only once!

Rev. Paul said...

Any landing you can swim away from, eh? :)

Old NFO said...

I wonder what would happen if they ever dried out up there??? :-)

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

That is a pretty splendid list. Were that all of our issues were this relatively simple and amusing.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, it's hard to imagine Unalaska life without the ongoing struggles with liquor. It would be almost unimaginably different.

TB, the fact that the Unalaska PD is willing to be so patient with the residents must hark back to the days when cops were "peace officers", taking care of people and gently herding them back into line. Sheriff Andy Taylor would have done well there.