01 August 2016

Police Blotter: Trying to Out-Drunk Each Other

Assistance Rendered
   Drunken caller asked officers to remove a drunken friend from the caller's residence. By the time officers arrived, the caller had forgotten what he wanted.
   The drunken caller again asked officers to remove the same drunken friend from the caller's residence, then called back to say he no longer needed police assistance.

   The drunken caller's drunken brother reported that the drunken friend had assaulted his brother. An officer responded and found one drunken brother on the floor; the drunken friend was nowhere to be found. Neither brother was able to accurately describe what had happened.

Traffic Crime
   Officer stopped a man with a history of poor driving after observing the driver drift across both the center and fog lines through the S-curves. Officers found no indication that substance abuse was the source of the driver's problem.

Assistance Rendered
   A drunk asked that officers mediate a dispute about a bottle of alcohol, because the caller was not big enough to fight his brother over the bottle.

Traffic Crime
   Several vehicles crossed the end of the runway while a plane was landing on the airstrip. An officer met with personnel from the airport and the crew doing construction at the end of the airstrip to discuss ways to improve traffic flow and safety during air operations.

   A woman who had previously been assaulted by her sister-in-law reported that the woman had made obscene gestures at her earlier this day. An officer advised that the action was not criminal.

   An officer responded to a local restaurant, where a waitress was allegedly being cursed by a cook. The officer determined that the cook had been drinking and was upset because the waitress kept returning food orders as being improperly prepared and had made obscene gestures at her. No threats were made. A replacement cook came in to take over duties in the kitchen.

Assistance Rendered
   Officers responded yet again to the residence of two drunken brothers, who appeared to still be unable to just get along with one another. An officer advised the drunks to phone police only when they had a legitimate need for police assistance.


Steve said...

Vehicles crossing the runway is generally not something of a problem in the big city. That kind of thing will probably get you a large fine and a free stay in a small room. I suppose traffic lights wouldn't help much.

So... It appears drinking is quite popular. As are obscene gestures.

Rev. Paul said...

Steve, at Anchorage/Stevens International Airport, which adjoins Lake Hood (the busiest floatplane airport in the world), aircraft cross the highway. It comes with the territory.

And no, lights don't help. But drinking is apparently the All-Island Sport on Unalaska.

Chickenmom said...

I bet the police are on a first name basis with a lot of those callers....

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I suspect they know all the residents; it's only the transient fishermen who are strangers.