26 September 2016

Another Project Completed

But not one which we had planned.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, one of the garage door springs decided to have its left end part company with the right. This, it did at 2100 hrs, just after my wife had fallen asleep in her recliner.

Did I mention that said spring is directly under her seat? That was an exciting five seconds, she could assure you. :)

Today, the spring, pulleys and cables were replaced. All is once again well in the Land of The Garage.

And once again, we're thankful that our realtor explained the benefits of the gold standard "extra" package on the homebuyers' warranty. It covers the spring, pulleys, cables and labor. (It also covers all of our appliances, our furniture, and all the major systems in the house.

So the door repair cost only a $100 deductible, and we're good to go.

And it's just as well: it wouldn't do to go into tonight's debate already agitated by something else. In Biblical terms, sufficient unto the debate is the evil thereof.

p.s. I know I said there were no plans to watch yon debate ... but my family had other plans. So it will be on, although I might catch up on some reading. :)


Rob said...

So the spring broke under the floor where your wife was sitting at the time....Her reaction was priceless....evil grin. To bad you don't have it on tape....or the money you could have made on some tv show...

Rev. Paul said...

Rob - let's just say she woke up with quite a start, and leave it at that, eh? I haven't stayed married for 36+ years by letting cats out of bags. :)

Guffaw in AZ said...

Sad you had to have the 'debate' on, regardless.
Roomie asked me (knowing my answer) if we were going to watch it.
I said no, I've seen the circus.

Besides, no participant (newsreader or candidate) is under oath...
Now THAT would make for better television!


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, I must differ with you on one point: Ms. Clinton has spent hours & hours under oath, and yet lied, obfuscated, or couldn't recall any pertinent points. She'd never have agreed to such a condition at the debate, as she'd then have nothing she could say without perjuring herself.