04 September 2016

It Was a Busy Day

We spent most of yesterday doing yard work. Mowing is the easy part; the bulk of the work was in treating, brushing, rinsing and re-scrubbing the moss which has grow on the most-recently seal coated portion of the driveway.

Our efforts were only partially successful. Killing the moss is going to require a much heavier application of the bleach treatment than we were able to put down.

Because of the time of year, it's not possible to find a one- or two-gallon pressurized garden sprayer locally. So once again, Amazon is our friend.

Speaking of yesterday, it was a beauty. 68 degrees, sunny, with a mild breeze. Absolutely gorgeous, in fact.

Today it's cloudy, as a new front moves in. AccuHunch is promising rain later today.

We checked out a new (to us) breakfast/lunch establishment: the Bear Mountain Grill. The burgers were really good, but the sides were bland. However, the place was packed during the lunch hour, and it's hard to go wrong if you follow the crowd to a restaurant.

We also avoided the national news like the plague, because it's a) all the same, all the time, and b) tiring verging on nauseating.

We already know for whom we'll vote, assuming that nothing changes in the next two months. These days, that's far from certainty.

But God's still on His throne, and Jesus is coming soon - so how bad can it be? :)


Rob said...

Padre, some days I wish we could all build our own ARK, and then wait for God to let it rain for 40 days and 40 nights just to wash away the worlds problems and start anew.

Fiona said...

Moss is insidious! We are battling giant weeds in the garden and so far no moss yet but we did have it in Virginia.

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, although God said He won't do that by flood again, I certainly understand the sentiment.

Fiona, we have moss in the front under the trees, and mushrooms in the back. Believe me when I say that we're praying for several hard freezes & lots of snow, this year.

ProudHillbilly said...

In the catagory of things that are pretty as long as they grow where they are supposed to. I'm contemplating how to get a bleach mixture on the 3 story side of my house without involving a ladder (ladders and I no longer being friends) or stripping my skin off. Used to use bleach to clean fossils - know from experience it can strip me, too.

LindaG said...

I know what you mean about the news.

And Amen to that. Lord, come quickly.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, bleach can be nasty stuff, indeed. We're going to rent a pressure washer for the next go-round.

Linda, agreed!

Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good day overall! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

It was a wonderful day, NFO. The best there is. :)