06 September 2016

Police Blotter: A Quiet Week

Drunk Disturbance
The captain from a fishing vessel requested assistance with a drunk and unruly crewman. The crewman refused to stay in his stateroom and was making a general nuisance of himself. Although he was annoying, he had not as yet violated any criminal statutes. Prior to officer’s arrival, the individual fled the area. Officers were unsuccessful in finding the individual. The Captain advised he would call if he needed further assistance.

Caller reported that an individual was spreading rumors about a family member. The caller was advised that the spreading of rumors by itself is not a criminal offense.

Caller reported being threatened by another individual with a knife. The caller didn’t want to press charges. Investigation did not support the filing of charges regardless of whether the caller wished to do so.

Fire Response
Fire officers responded to an automated fire alarm. The alarm was found to have been triggered by someone’s failed attempts at cooking a steak.

Officers responded to a local business and assisted staff in issuing a trespass order to an unruly individual. They were subsequently called back several more times, as the unruly individual kept returning. Officers responded to a local hotel and arrested [the man], 28 yoa, for Criminal Trespass II, after he continually reentered the premises after being told to leave.

Welfare Check
Dispatch advised a caller, whom sounded extremely intoxicated, had put the phone down and would not talk to the dispatcher. Officers responded and found the caller was fine, just drunk.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I keep reading: "officers dispatched a caller..."
I'll bet they'd like to.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm sure the thought has occurred to more than one of them; they're only human. It's to their credit that the very few murders have been between residents.

Chickenmom said...

I bet there is a big turnover on those fishing boats...

Rev. Paul said...

I believe you're correct, ma'am. It appears that crewmembers come from all over for a chance to make big bucks for the summer.