26 September 2016

Police Blotter: Sometimes, There's Nothing to be Done

Criminal Mischief
Caller reported a man with a bat screaming at her neighbor. Investigation revealed the person with the bat was looking for another person whom had just thrown a bottle through his window. The suspect subsequently called and apologized and agreed to pay for the window. None involved wished to pursue charges.

Officer came upon a vehicle stuck in a ditch. The vehicle driver’s attempts to extricate the vehicle were in vain. Arrangements were made for assistance in the ongoing efforts. The vehicle was eventually freed from its bondage.

Caller wanted to pursue charges against her boyfriend for getting fired before he could repay the money he owed her. The caller was advised the matter was not criminal in nature.

Assistance Rendered
Caller expressed frustration at the truthfulness of a family member in regards to a current criminal case. The caller further wanted the family member barred from attending a funeral. After listening to the caller vent, it was explained that much of what the caller requested could not be enforced by the officers.

Assistance Rendered
Caller expressed her concern that several individuals that are expected to attend a funeral are under conditions of release to not have contact with each other.

Dipsomaniacal caller reported being assaulted. The caller provided numerous accounts of an alleged assault. Each account stretched the bounds of believability. None of the accounts were supported by physical, testimonial, or empirical evidence.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported that an individual had been living under the South Channel Bridge and that he heard the individual had been seen with a rifle. Officers investigated and found little to support that anyone was living under the bridge or that the mystery person was seen with a rifle.


Chickenmom said...

"Dipsomaniacal" - That must have been one heck of a story!!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom - in my few years in law enforcement, some of the things we were told bordered on Outer Limits/Looney Toons quality. I can only imagine... :)