10 September 2016

So We Went For a Drive This Morning

out Eagle River Road to the Nature Center, at the eastern terminus of said pavement.

The trees are almost uniformly displaying fall colors - mostly yellow or a golden brown. The views are quite beautiful, but I was driving and didn't want to stop due to all the groceries in the back of the truck. Some of them needed refrigeration before too much time expired.

But words can only describe sights to a certain extent; pictures do the job better.

Looking westward, back along the road from the eastern end.

Looking north

A bit to the northeast

Looking southeast


Rob said...

Padre, I always enjoy these posts, feel like I'm there.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Rob; that's very kind. The scenery along the drive, and in the Center itself, is far more beautiful than these few I've posted here.

drjim said...

I know the feeling.

The pix I post of our Colorado journeys just don't do the actual scenery justice.

The sky is just "SOOOO BIG!" that a camera can't capture the majesty....

Old NFO said...

Very nice! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Jim, I'm definitely going to use the turn-outs next time, to get some of those huge mountains & the Eagle River along the way.

NFO, thank you.

LindaG said...

Very beautiful. Reminds me of when we were there.
Perfect for the zombie apocalypse.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Linda.

Chickenmom said...

Beautiful! Mountains - cannot get enough photos of those mountains! We carry a cooler in the back of the Jeepster -just in case we get sidetracked when hauling the groceries.

LindaG said...

What Chickenmom said reminded me, that while we live in the lower 48, we have a portable 12 volt refrigerator/freezer in the back of our truck because we never know if we will be going straight home (a 20 minute drive from the closest grocery stores), or may make more stops.
Our old Norcold portable refrigerator still works, but the seals don't seal well any more.
The refrigerator hubby just got has 2 compartments (I would have preferred one). The company has an app where you can set or check the temperatures on your phone. Either compartment can refrigerate or freeze separately.

While this is not a problem in Alaska in the winter, it may or may not be an option in the summer.

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I will be posting better pics in the future, but I'm glad you liked these.

LindaG, we use a cooler on planned outings. Yesterday's drive was planned, but it's only a few miles from home, and we didn't expect to take long. The cold stuff was in insulated bags, just the same.