10 September 2016

A Beautiful Day

It's clear and 37° here on the hillside, with AccuHunch saying we'll have "abundant sunshine" and 60 today. I guess they mean it'll be sunny; not like it's arriving by delivery vans. Meanwhile, I understand there's frost in the valley below us. Not too surprising, that.

Tomorrow's forecast is "Rain early...then remaining cloudy with showers in the afternoon. High 54F. Winds ESE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 90%." Oh - and there's a high wind watch for tomorrow through Monday for "higher elevations". That could include us.


We're going to enjoy this beautiful day, and do a few simple chores. What we will NOT do is pay the slightest attention to the national news, nor worry about anything we can't control.

That's what God is for. :)


Rob said...

So its safe to say that fall has arrived in your neck of the woods....

Anonymous said...

Low of 31 at our place last night. Cottonwoods along the river were turning on Labor Day, now the seasonal colors will really pick up. Looks like nice flying weather before tomorrow. Enjoy the sunshine!

Rev. Paul said...

Yes indeed, Rob. Leaves have been falling for over a month, but now the trees are a golden brown, and some yellow.

airphoria, I'm not surprised. I suspect it was around that temp around our valley last night, too.

deborah harvey said...

hard to remember not to worry.
Jesus said 'consider the lilies of the field...'.
i worry and there is nothing we can do to make it all better.
nations seem determined to destroy themselves and each other.
'the wise man hides himself in times of trouble.
hope i'll be wise enough to heed that scripture.

Rev. Paul said...

Deborah, 1 Peter 5:7 says "Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you." (The Message) It's hard to remember, sometimes, but it is the most freeing thing you can do.