09 September 2016

Fog Now, Ice Later? (UPDATED)

This morning's drive to work was less than fun, with heavy fog and a steady misting drizzle. Poor visibility, and heavier traffic than usual. Fun stuff. And now AccuHunch has issued a freeze warning for tonight.

Glad tomorrow isn't a workday; that drive would be ... interesting.

UPDATE: There is snow on the high peaks above town, this afternoon. This morning's drizzle is exactly the type of precip that turns white and flaky when the temps are a few degrees colder. Which they are, above 4,000 feet.


Rob said...

Its that time of the year already??

Old NFO said...

Stay safe!!!

Rev. Paul said...

Rob, there's snow in the higher elevations, a bit farther inland. We expect to see a dusting on the peaks soon.

NFO, you know it. I don't expect any ice, but Mother Nature has surprised us before.

Steve said...

Next time, on Ice Road Truckers!

Rev. Paul said...

I sincerely hope not, Steve. It's too early to put the studded tires on, and we live on quite a steep hillside.