31 October 2016

Police Blotter: All About That Booze

Liquor Law Violation
Officer contacted a drunken individual who had been denied boarding on his scheduled flight. The individual was advised he was too intoxicated to enter or remain upon any licensed premises.

A local business requested assistance in issuing a trespass order against an individual who was suspected of smoking marijuana in a bunkhouse room. 

Caller reported being confronted by a drunken individual for unknown reasons. Officers contacted the involved parties who apparently had been involved in a money loaning/borrowing relationship. The two were advised to avoid each other and pursue civil remedy to their differences.

Liquor Law Violation
Officer contacted a drunken individual and advised him to not enter or remain in any licensed premise until such time he was no longer drunk.

Caller reported the theft of a ~$400 bottle of alcohol. [A man], 31 yoa, was charged with Theft 3 after he was found to have stolen the bottle and given it to a friend as a birthday present.

Caller reported her mountain bike stolen. An officer had previously noticed a bike matching the description being ridden by two drunken individuals who could not explain where they had come by a woman’s mountain bike. The officer had placed the bike in a secure location. The caller retrieved the bike and did not wish to pursue charges.

Caller reported that an unknown drunken individual had entered his wife’s vehicle and offered her money for an undisclosed service. The wife screamed at the sot, who fled the area on foot. Officers were able to track down the suspect and were told he had offered the caller’s wife money for a ride to the bar. The individual was warned against such behavior.

Welfare Check
Caller requested assistance in getting his drunk wife home. He stated she wasn’t causing any problems or being difficult, he just thought she needed an escort. Officers checked to assure that everyone was safe.

Officers responded to a report of a fight outside a local drinking establishment. All but one of the combatants had left prior to the officer’s arrival. The one remaining participant appeared to have suffered a broken nose. He did not want to provide any details about the confrontation and did not wish to pursue charges. When it was pointed out that he likely had a broken nose, he believed it would provide character to his face. Further investigation revealed that the individual contacted had started the fray.


Sandy said...

Now your title of this post reminds me of a song :-)

Rev. Paul said...

It was supposed to, Sandy. Thanks; I'm glad somebody got it. :)