24 October 2016

Police Blotter: Assault & Contrition

It was 17° at my house this morning, but only 6° in the valley below. That's about 15 degrees more chilly than normal, mostly due to clear skies and snow cover.

But now, let's get to why you're really here. :)

* * * * *

Noise Disturbance
Caller reported her neighbors were again making unreasonable noise and were keeping her family from sleeping. Officers responded and confirmed that the noise was unreasonable. The neighbor, against whom multiple noise complaints had been made in the past, was cited for Disorderly Conduct.

Liquor Law Violation
While conducting a traffic stop an officer noticed a rather youthful inebriated passenger. Further investigation confirmed that [a man], 20 yoa, had consumed rather a large quantity of alcohol. [He] was subsequently cited for Minor Consuming.

Officers responded to a processing plant regarding an alleged assault, and discovered that one man had sprayed another in the face with water, one by accident and then again on purpose when the drenched victim threatened him. The soggy scapegoat decided that an apology in lieu of assault charges would suffice.

Officer responded to a report that a man had been threatened at the Harbor View Bar and found that an intoxicated and now contrite patron had phoned police with this patently false allegation after he was removed from the bar by a bouncer. While the officer talked to the first drunk, his equally inebriated compatriot began praying at the officer's feet, prompting the officer to advise the devout drunk not to enter any licensed establishments this night.

Officers responded to another report of an assault at the Harbor View Bar, and found that the inebriates of the previous call had joined forces with additional inebriates; all of them had valiantly attempted to both walk to their rooms and open their doors but they had not entirely succeeded in these endeavors. Unisea Security helped them achieve their goals.

Assistance Rendered
Officers assisting EMS personnel with a patient determined that the unconscious man had been partying with a companion who had left him in the roadway after he passed out.

Disorderly Conduct
An extremely intoxicated man who had been taken to the IFHS clinic regained consciousness and began ripping out IVs and threatening medical staff. [The man], 37 yoa, of Unalaska, sprayed blood all over the room in which he was being treated and attempted to strike a responding police office. [He] was arrested on charges of Disorderly Conduct, Assault IV-LEO and Harassment I.


deborah harvey said...

when reading these reports i begin to see why prohibition was so popular.

Rev. Paul said...

deborah, Prohibition was an abject failure. People did NOT stop drinking. What they did, was to make "home brew" in the bathtub, or basement, and a lot of folks died from alcohol poisoning. It wasn't popular with anyone except legislators, and you know how well that works.

JayNola said...

And organized crime. Just like every other prohibition it lined the pockets of criminals and politicians, but I repeat myself.

Rev. Paul said...

That's unfortunately true, but 'tis a fact of life.

Chickenmom said...

Guess his prayers worked -he wasn't arrested!

Rev. Paul said...

I hadn't thought of it that way, Chickenmom. Thanks for the smile!