12 October 2016

The Morning That Wouldn't Die

You know those mornings when you should have stayed in bed?

Here's mine: up at the regular time of 0400 hrs. Coffee, and lots of it. So far, so good.

Morning traffic was heavier than usual, but still moving at close to normal speed. Okay.

Arrival at work:

Main elevator out of service. People were trapped in it yesterday, and either the Fire Department or age/abuse broke the door restrictor which enables it to be opened from the inside. Will cost nearly $1900 to repair, and just imagine trying to get City Hall to cut loose with any funds just because the elevator company says so.

No heat on the east side of the third floor. Went to check on that, software-wise, and discovered the HVAC server wouldn't boot up.

Climbed two flights of stairs because the front elevator is broken. Discovered that the PC needed to download and install a number of mandatory upgrades from Microsoft and others. This involves multiple restarts.

On my way back downstairs, a first floor tenant called to say there is a stopped-up commode in the women's room.

Then it was 0830 ...


Old NFO said...

OUCH!!! Not a roaring start, to put it mildly!

Rev. Paul said...

The next hour after that wasn't much better. Someone needs to remind me again why I haven't retired yet ... :)

Fiona said...

Oh no....we have had a couple of days like that...without the failed elevator. Ralph now has an intimate knowledge of where NOT to drive the pickup after a rain! I learned a lot about washing caked clay and chicken manure out of over alls and then out of the washing machine!

I bet getting home was a joy!

Rev. Paul said...

That morning is today, Fiona, so I'm still at work. :( But it will be joyful once I get out the door!