12 October 2016

The White Stuff

AccuHunch guesses we'll get some snow by Monday. The next two days after that depend on where one will be: in Anchorage, they predict ice pellets on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Where we live, the forecast calls for snow on all three days. With temps in the mid-20s at night, and highs in the mid-30s, it could be wet snow, ice pellets/sleet, or some combination thereof. 

At least we have our snow tires on. It's earlier than we've had that done in the past, but with our new, higher elevation and steep roads, it just made sense.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Let me say it first.
Global Warming.

Rob said...

29 here tonight. I have a feeling of white coming our way soon...

SENIOR said...

We are cooling off fast here and I have a feeling we may had a very cold and wet winter. Send it my way for Christmas.

Rev. Paul said...

Gentlemen, it was 26° here this morning. All the puddles in my parking lot was frozen solid when I got to work. Any precip that comes this way now will freeze, given half a chance. We're praying for that chance.

LindaG said...

Praying you get iced in?
Do you have a garage, or do you do the battery blanket and dip stick heater route?
If you have a normal winter, then you have the frozen tires to deal with, too.

I remember when I was stationed at Clear AFS, I had to test the coffee just evaporates test that winter. It really did.

Be safe, stay warm, and God bless.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, we're praying for snow. We've had unusually warm-ish winters for the last three years: lots of ice & freezing rain. The year before that, we had the all-time heaviest snowfall on record (for Anchorage). We'd like to see snow again.

Block heaters & auto-start are our friends.

LindaG said...

Well, I do hope you get it. I know it must be weird not to get snow.

I don't believe in Global Warming, other than it has happened before. The shift in the Earth's axial tilt the year there were earthquakes everywhere, now 4 degrees is a LOT in the universal concept of things. That and the sunspot cycle which is changing right now also, I believe.

I don't understand it all as well as I would like to.

But I do know, that it will all happen according to God's Will. I will pray for snow with you.