21 October 2016

Winter Storm #1: the Aftermath

So our new town has apparently decided to "celebrate" the State's fiscal shortfall by failing to fully plow the roads. Our main drag between our side of town and the highway only had one lane partially cleared, and the other was the worst example of partially-frozen slush, potholes, ruts, ridges, and rough ice that I can recall seeing since my childhood. It's very nearly impassible.

Our street had been plowed ... sort of ... but went from sheet ice to wet spots back to ice. I got out at the community mailbox, only a few feet from our driveway, thank goodness, and discovered it was like trying to walk on a skating rink.

Both ends of our circle drive were plowed shut, and it turns out we got 8+ inches, total. So my wife and I took turns with the new snowthrower.

It works great, but still took some time to clear the drive. Let's see ... 275' long X 16' average width ...

But that's all done. Everything's put away, and we're in with a fresh pizza and cold drinks.


LindaG said...

Winter Wonderland.

So, Alaska no longer has an oil surplus? Are they not giving the oil... whatever it was, to each resident?

Just curious.

You all stay warm and be safe! God bless.

drjim said...

With a driveway that large, you almost need a garden tractor with the snowblower on it!

Fiona said...

Ah memories of shoveling snow at the truck stop:}
It is beautiful though and that heavy muffle sound of snow falling....sigh.

We did get needed rain though and our fall greens are tasty!

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, it IS pretty up here on the mountainside. We love Alaska in winter, anyway. And there's still oil flowing, but the price per barrel has dropped well below the price at which the revenues can pay for the State to maintain its bloated budget.

Jim, that's not a bad idea, although the blower we have is a huge improvement over three people with snow shovels. I suspect the next one might well be a tractor. But even the self-propelled models of walk-behind machines were nearly double what we paid for this one.

Fiona, I absolutely love to be out when it's snowing hard. The early part of this snow fell while we were still asleep, and the rest came down after we were at work. But there will be more snow - and I'm still dreaming about being able to sit here by the fire & watch it come down through all thes large picture windows. :)