29 November 2016

It's Chilly Out There

We've had a temperature shift. Our temps have been hanging in the mid-teens to low 20s for the highs, with lows around 12 or 13 degrees.
This morning it was -2° at our house, and -4 along the river valley. It's 3 above here in Anchorage, but that's not much different.
AccuHunch is predicting 4" to 9" of snow from Wednesday through Friday. The temps on Sunday, they say, will be around -12 at night and -4 for a daily high. That's not unexpected with a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and the clear skies which follow a snowstorm.
At least the frost this morning was minimal; the humidity is still very low, at present. If/when the snow approaches, that will change.
But we always look forward to snow, as the white cover reflects more light, and takes the sting out of our long nights. We're still over three weeks from the winter solstice, but today's sunrise will be at 9:42 a.m. Sunset will be at 3:51 pm.
But, everything being equal, it could be worse. Today's low in Bettles, AK is -38° F. And it's going to get colder over the next several months.
And if this keeps up, I'm going to have to put on a coat. Srsly, I'm wearing a flannel shirt and down vest as my outdoor gear ... for now.


LindaG said...

Sounds like winter in Alaska!

We are getting, I would guess, about 3-4 inches of rain as I type this tonight. Found a leak we thought we had fixed.

You all be safe and stay warm! ^_^

Rev. Paul said...

Winter in Alaska. Hmm, you may be right. :)

I hope you find/fix the leak.

LindaG said...

It's a tricky one. Around the chimney somewhere. I expect the direction and force of the wind played a part. Time for ladders and ropes.