28 November 2016

Police Blotter: "God's Army Bear"

Disorderly Conduct
[A man], 25 yoa, of Colorado, was arrested for Criminal Mischief and Disorderly Conduct after he first blocked an airport access door to keep passengers from boarding an outbound flight and then refused to comply with officers' demands that he leave the area. [He] was unable to explain why he had behaved so, though he repeatedly assured officers that he did not wish to kill them.
Welfare Check
Officer spoke with a man who at first glance appeared to have passed out on a park bench, and determined that the man was not a danger to himself or others.
Suspicious Person/Activity
A driver, possibly intoxicated and later suspected of having stolen the vehicle in which he was first seen, fled from his vehicle as soon as an officer attempted to stop him. The unidentified man left the car in Drive when he bailed from the driver's seat, with the result that the car ran into both a ditch and a container. The driver eluded police and remains at large.
Officers investigated a report that a man had been injured in an altercation, and found that the injured man had provoked the argument by taunting and then striking a man much larger than himself. A single blow from his would-be victim ended the argument. [The man], 35 yoa, of Unalaska, will be charged with Assault IV.
Welfare Check
Officer responded to a home wherein one dipsomaniac sibling reported that his brother was freaking out, wasn't eating, had been vomiting for four days and had threatened him. The officer found both inebriated brothers accusing the other of vomiting.
Assistance Rendered
A man who identified himself as God's Army Bear told police that he had been instructed by God to kill another man, if he was first attacked by the other, and requested assistance obtaining a protective order for both his and his intended victim's safety. The man was provided with appropriate paperwork from the court.
An inebriated woman who was refused service due to her level of intoxication threw water on the doorman and then repeatedly attempted to strike him while lacing her vituperative remarks with derogatory racial epithets. [The woman], 33 yoa, of Unalaska, was arrested on charges of Disorderly Conduct and Assault IV.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

"injured man had provoked the argument by taunting and then striking a man much larger than himself. A single blow from his would-be victim ended the argument"

Adding alcohol was involved would be redundant we can assume.

Rev. Paul said...

I think that's a safe assumption, sir.

threecollie said...

Thank you sir! It is Monday here too and our news is nowhere near as entertaining as yours

Rev. Paul said...

To be honest, ma'am, it's not our news, either. Unalaska Island is about 650 miles southwest of here. But it is entertaining!

Steve said...

God's Army Bear. So, a Kodiak?

Rev. Paul said...

It's a good guess, Steve, but since no bears are native in the islands, it's anyone's guess.

LindaG said...

Haha. What a week.
Just good that the runaway car didn't hurt anyone.

Thank you for sharing. ^_^

Rev. Paul said...

You're right, Linda. It could have been worse. And ... you're welcome. :)