09 November 2016

Police Blotter: Move Your Carcass!

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officers responded to a report of a barefoot man walking aimlessly down the roadway. [The man], 58 yoa, was contacted and found to be drunk and in possession of a concealed firearm.  [He] was arrested for two counts of Misconduct Involving Weapons 4.

Caller reported receiving an upsetting message on Facebook. The caller lived in New York. The message was received from an individual in Nikiski, AK. The caller was advised that Nikiski was over 1000 miles from Unalaska. The caller was advised that her complaint did not appear to be criminal in nature but she was provided with the AST’s phone number.

Welfare Check
An intoxicated caller reported a strong mold odor in his bathroom. Officers responded to check on the welfare of the caller due to his inability to answer basic questions. The caller was found to be safely in his residence. He was advised to contact a cleaning person to take care of any mold issues.

Welfare Check
Officers responded to check on the welfare of an individual who had called 911 but was too intoxicated to articulate why he needed assistance.

Drunk Disturbance
An officer was flagged down by a man and a woman who were being chased down the street by two women. Investigation revealed that one of the women had recently broken up with the woman who was now with the man. The third woman was trying to prevent the first woman from chasing the woman who was now with the man. The man just wanted to leave with the woman he was with. No criminal activity was found and all were sent on their way.

Assist Other Agency
Officers assisted several IRS agents in serving a search warrant after receiving a call from the suspect that the warrant was being served upon. The suspect did not believe the IRS agents were actually Federal Agents and wanted the police to make them go away. It was explained to the suspect that the agents were actual agents and that the warrant was valid.

Caller reported she wanted to have the police “kick out” her roommate. The caller was given information on the proper legal procedure for eviction of a roommate. The caller was not happy that the police would not circumvent the legal process and evict her roommate.

Caller reported two eagles arguing over a seagull carcass. The caller stated the stench from the carrion was wafting through the open bay doors. The eagles were persuaded to move their brunch to a location further from the building.


Old NFO said...

Another 'fun' day, eh???

Rev. Paul said...

Apparently so, Jim - those officers must have the patience of Job.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"The eagles were persuaded to move their brunch to a location further from the building."

Those Unalaska officers are nothing if not versatile. Hopefully the eagles weren't intoxicated.

Rev. Paul said...

Versatile indeed. Regarding the eagles' relative level of intoxication: it's Dutch Harbor, so all bets are off. :)