15 December 2016

Have You Ever Had That Feeling

... that someone's looking over your shoulder? Blogger's stats reveal that I have somewhat more than double the number of hits I've normally received by this hour of the day.
And half of them are from China.
* * * * *
There's more fog rolling in, this morning, and the Nat'l Weather Service says that warmer, moist air - which will produce light snow this afternoon - is causing the temps to rise* and frost to form on the roads.
So not only are we unable to see on the highway, but we can't stop, either. The moral of this story is "SLOW DOWN".
* * * * *
And then there's this:
Read the story and draw your own conclusions. :)
* Above the 9° F. we have at the moment, anyway.


LindaG said...

Very good story. I agree about Alaska. If we could take the cold, we'd be there again.

But he seems to think you need to watch out for heat exhaustion, not black ice. ;-)

Be safe, all. God bless and Merry Christmas!

Rev. Paul said...

Heat exhaustion at 15 degrees? Hmm ... seems unlikely. :)

LindaG said...

I would have to say I agree with that. ^_^