14 December 2016

Police Blotter: Big-Time Crime

Police in Unalaska arrested and charged two men over the weekend for allegedly making counterfeit money.

The Unalaska Department of Public Safety said in a statement that Henry Zablan and Nicholas Hough are connected to the "counterfeit operation."

Deputy Chief Jennifer Shockley said Zablan faces two counts of first-degree forgery, and Hough has been charged with single counts of first-degree forgery and a drug-related felony. Officers found methamphetamine in Hough's motor home during his arrest, Shockley said.

Police have identified at least one other person of interest in the case, Shockley said.

Officers got a tip about the alleged operation while investigating a burglary and theft. Search warrants were obtained for both suspects' homes, according to the public safety department.

"Counterfeiting supplies as well as some U.S. currency in $10, $20 and $100 denominations were found in Zablan's residence," the statement says.

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Old NFO said...

That's just dumber than dirt... LOL

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I read this, and all I can think of is crudely drawn bills colored with green Crayolas on which (to quote Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes) "Old George has the gout, I see"...

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, I think you owe an apology ... to dirt.

TB, that was a good one. :) Thanks for the reminder.