02 December 2016

Snowy Morning, Falling Temps & Politics as Usual

Good morning, everyone.
Southcentral Alaska received roughly 3" to 6" of snow overnight. Because of warmer temps, this morning's drive was better than yesterday's, i.e., not as much swirling snow. It was 19° when I left home, but in the low 20s here in Anchorage. The snow retains more moisture in warmer temps, of course, so it's heavier. No white-outs, like yesterday.
Meanwhile, AccuHunch confidently predicts that temps will fall throughout the day, winding up around -10° F. tonight. Tomorrow, they say, we'll be lucky to see anything as warm as zero. On Sunday, perhaps -15. That's what happens when you have a fresh coat of snow coupled with clear skies. At least it does, up here north of the 61st parallel.
Of course, if you think we're having cold temps, don't look at Fairbanks/Bettles/Circle/Eagle/North Pole, etc. It's -4 in Fairbanks right now, and will close in on the -30 mark by Sunday or Monday nights.
Suddenly -10 doesn't sound so bad, eh?
* * * * *
In other Alaskan news, it's official: the election results have been certified, and it passed by six votes. The mayor signed the petition, and the Governor of Alaska signed it. The town called "Barrow" has ceased to exist. Let the cartographers and DOT sign-makers commence the changes. Notify Rand-McNally! Notify the Internet! Call your Aunt Sally! Conjugate your verbs!
Okay, never mind that last one. But wait, there's more:
Town formerly known as Barrow already in court over new name of Utqiaġvik
We have officially entered the era of sore losers who refuse to accept reality, seeking activist judges who will proclaim alternatives to the truth.

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