02 December 2016

Something Nasty This Way Comes: White-Out Conditions

This webcam view is from about 2 miles away, but looking this way.
This is from the roof of my building, from about 10 minutes ago. There are supposed to be mountains over there, about 2/3 mile away.
And now there's this, from Anchorage P.D.: "Expect slow traffic on the Glenn Hwy inside Anchorage Municipality due to white-out conditions. Please use caution."
The Municipality of Anchorage includes the Glenn Highway from the city of Anchorage north to Eklutna. That's 27 miles, give or take, and includes all the way home for me. Sigh...

1 comment:

LindaG said...

I remember white-outs. And snow fog. I almost wish I could do that again. I do miss Alaska.
But I think I am where I am supposed to be.

You all be safe this weekend, Reverend. God bless.