04 December 2016

The Drive Home

I know it's my wont to go on and on about how beautiful this area is, but it's with some justification.
I rarely sit in the passenger seat, leaving my hands free, but today Older Daughter was driving. Here's part of our drive home.

Thanks to Blogger's ability to suck all the quality out of my HD recording, I don't recommend you enlarge the screen very much. Darn it.


OldAFSarge said...

Please do go on and on. 'Tis beautiful country.

LindaG said...

If I was to enlarge it, I would miss it all the more. ;-)
Thank you for sharing it with us.
God's creation is wondrous.

Rev. Paul said...

Okay, Sarge; you talked me into it. :)

Linda, if you e-mail me at manager208 AT gmail DOT com, I would be happy to send the original file which is much, much better.