05 December 2016

Police Blotter: New Way to Fail a Driver's Test

Good morning, friends. It was -3° F. at our house this morning, -11 in the river valley, and -10 out on the highway. Here in Anchorage, it's warmed up to -8, so it's a heat wave!
But it's Monday, so let's see what the good folks of Dutch Harbor, way out west on Unalaska, are up to.
Liquor Law Violation
While conducting a bar check, an Officer contacted a drunken individual who was being aggressive. The individual was removed from the bar for the remainder of the night.
Welfare Check
The captain of a vessel called 911 to report he was unable to control his drunken crew. The crew showed no respect toward the captain and showed this disrespect by continued food fights.  Officers responded and determined that there had been no crime committed.
Traffic Roads
Officers responded to assist a motorist who had slid into a ditch. The driver was afraid to remove his foot from the brake as he suspected his vehicle would continue to slide off the roadway. With the assistance of the road’s crew, the vehicle was safely removed from the ditch.
Drunk Disturbance
Caller reported a highly intoxicated man stumbling in the middle of the roadway, cussing, and gesturing at vehicles as they passed. Officers assisted the individual in getting to his residence.
Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported an unknown person had attempted to gain access to his residence. Officers were able to locate the suspect who stated he was looking for his friend’s house. The suspect was advised not to attempt to gain entry to random people’s houses.
Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported an individual had entered his taxi and dropped a handgun out of his pocket. The driver advised the individual he could not be inside the taxi with a gun. Officers responded and determined that [the man], 21 yoa, had violated his release conditions. Due to continuing problems and complaints, it was determined that [he] was a danger to the community and such he was remanded into custody on a previous charge of Misconduct Involving Weapons.
Caller reported her ex-boyfriend had stolen her marijuana pipe and a tablet she recently bought from an individual so the individual could purchase drugs. The caller had no evidence to support that her ex had taken the items and she didn’t want to pursue charges, she just wanted her pipe back. Shortly after the officers left, the caller reported her ex had returned her pipe and she had found her tablet under her bed.
Drunk Disturbance
Caller reported a drunken individual causing a disturbance at a local hotel. Officers contacted the suspect who refused to comply with repeated requests to remain in his room and stop disturbing the guests of the hotel. The individual was eventually escorted from the hotel and told not to return.
Damage - An unlicensed driver who was in the process of taking her driver’s test, backed into the flag pole at Public Safety.  Only minor damage was noticed on the offending vehicle.


Mike Yukon said...

Makes you wonder just what these people do for a living! Besides, entertain us! :-)

Mike Yukon said...

As a new follower of your blog...... and I live in Northeast Florida, so when you mention temperatures are you talking 'C' or 'F' I assume 'C'

I found you through "At the Lake In The Woods" (Rob)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Damage - An unlicensed driver who was in the process of taking her driver’s test, backed into the flag pole at Public Safety. Only minor damage was noticed on the offending vehicle.

Maybe the only blotter entry not related to intoxicants.

Rev. Paul said...

Welcome, Mike Yukon! All temps are in Fahrenheit. It gets cold in Alaska.

WSF - as far as the blotter tells, the driver was sober.