24 January 2017

48 Degrees

It's 21° above this morning, which is 48 degrees warmer than it was last Thursday. The weatherman predicts we're in a warm spell for the next few days, with rain and/or a freezing mix before it turns colder again.
Freezing rain on this frozen ground will turn instantly to ice, and I'm seriously considering whether we'll even be able to get safely off of the mountain ridge where we live. Any morning which includes an ice warning might just become a Ferris Bueller day. :)
* * * * *
We had to install padlocks on our dumpsters, at work, because a couple of homeless guys - who started out trying to sleep in them, trash and all - have started rooting through the bags. They literally throw the bags into the parking lot, rip them open, and search for ... whatever they're searching for. Probably medical waste like drugs or syringes. I'm pretty certain they're unaware that those things are prohibited by Federal law from going into the trash in the first place. But the padlocks should help keep the mess (and the homeless) away.
Speaking of homeless, one of their number had already burrowed under the collapsed Dome (see yesterday's post) and insulation, and made quite a nest for himself. This, despite almost constant surveillance of the area. He was discovered after watchers noticed that someone had damaged a couple of the remaining vending machines. Now the church has had to hire 24-hour security guards.
* * * * *
Regarding the recent snows, the weekend storm which dropped a foot of snow on Anchorage left 30 inches in Seward, 100 miles to the south.
On the Kenai Peninsula, Seward issued a local emergency declaration over the weekend, and the city council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution during a special city council meeting Monday that requests help from the state with the extreme weather affecting the town, according to Seward city clerk Johanna Kinney.
They received all 30" on Saturday morning. When the expected rainfall moves ashore in a couple of days, that could be quite a mess.

* * * * *

That's about all I have this morning. Thanks for stopping by, my friends.


threecollie said...

Shudder...on the homeless/dumpster thing. Not good.

Rev. Paul said...

No, it's not. Several homeless have been crushed by compaction after sleeping (drunk) through the pick-up-and-dump-into-truck experience in Anchorage. It's been a few years since I've seen one of those stories, but it's the sort of thing that sticks with a person.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Are there homeless shelters in the area? Can they take in these homeless people who keep going to the dumpsters to sleep.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, "Yes" to both questions. The homeless refuse to go there.