24 January 2017

Police Blotter: Having an Off Day

Drunk Disturbance
Officers were flagged down by a taxi driver who was having a dispute with a fare. The fare was upset because he believed the driver was insulting him. The driver just wanted the drunken customer out of her taxi. Both parties went their separate ways.
Traffic Roads
Caller reported that tracks in the snow indicated an erratic driver. Officers were unable to follow the snow tracks to a suspect vehicle due to the plethora of other snow tracks intermingled throughout the roadway.
Motor Vehicle Accident
Damage - Caller reported a possible attempted vehicle theft. A vehicle had inexplicably moved from its parking spot to the side of a building where it caused damage to the building. It was determined that the vehicle had issues with its transmission and had rolled into the building.
A woman reported being followed in the bar by another woman who, when confronted, brandished some bear spray in a challenging manner. Investigating officers found no witnesses to the event but were able to verify the existence of prior problems between the two women.
Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to a bunkhouse, where an inebriate had passed out. After a lengthy, garbled conversation with the drunk, officers were able to determine the name of the man's boat. The drunk was eventually turned over to his captain.
Noise Disturbance
Caller reported unsupervised children running amok in the apartment above her. Officers found a harried husband trying to maintain order amongst four young children. The husband apologized for the noise.
Suspicious Activity
An inebriated man darted in front of a patrol car while waving and performing a jig, then sprinted away from the officer for a short distance before sitting on the curb and waiting for the officer. The inebriate was able to tell the officer only that he was having an off day and was eventually turned over to a group of sober friends who happened to pass by.
Suspicious Activity
A man who earlier had been dancing in front of a patrol car was reported to be shaving on the roof of a business. After conversing briefly with the man the responding officer requested an ambulance and a mental health evaluation.
Taxi Violation
Officer ordered a taxi out of service after he contacted the driver, whom he had seen operating the taxi on a sidewalk, and learned she had no proof of insurance.
Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to a local dock and contacted two extremely inebriated fishermen, one of whom had obviously recent cuts and scrapes and neither of whom was particularly forthcoming regarding how those scrapes came to be. After having been told numerous stories about being blindfolded and/or having been attacked by a gang of thugs of various ethnicities, officers determined the injured inebriate had likely simply fallen down.


Old NFO said...

Everybody up there NEEDS an mental health eval...LOL

Rev. Paul said...

... and a drying-out period. Heh.

threecollie said...

I thought I was having an off day until I read this......now I am just laughing

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, I'm glad it worked. ;^)