13 January 2017

Here Comes the Next Round

The last snows to come through this area were about two weeks ago, and of course it's been quite cold, so that snow is still with us. It gave the streets and highway departments time to clean the roads nicely. At least, that was until the freezing fog we've had the last four days, which left a goodly deposit of frost on the pavement. This morning was fog-free, a welcome change for the daily commute.
There's always a "but" in winter, isn't there?
But Wunderground says we'll get 5" to 8" later today/tonight, an inch tomorrow, 2" to 4" more on Sunday, 3" to 5" on Monday, and another 1" to 3" Monday night.
Then the bottom is to fall out of the thermometer. -13° F. Tuesday night, -18 Wednesday and Thursday nights, and so on.
In other words, it's January in Alaska. :)


Sandy said...


More Ice here this weekend!!!
People here are going crazy because of the impending ice storm.

drjim said...

Do they salt the roads in Alaska?

I know Colorado only uses sand, while back in Illinois where I grew up they used an amazing amount of salt.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, we remember some vicious ice storms from our decades in Missouri. Some "crazy" might be justified. :) All y'all be careful down there.

Jim, we use salt in warmer (above zero) temps, sand and cinders for snowpack or ice, and brine when it gets colder. Very little salt gets used here, generally speaking, with the result that older cars don't rust out & can stay on the road longer.