13 January 2017

An Enjoyable Friday, and Here Comes the Snow

Today was one which I look forward to, each year. Many of you travel to conventions, off-site gatherings of whatever type, but I hardly ever leave the property which I oversee, except at quitting time.

Today was the annual Commercial Real Estate luncheon present by BOMA*, which I've been a member of for the last decade.

Speakers from the State Dept. of Economic Development, prestigious commercial real estate brokers, and property appraisers of good reputation talk about the State's economic outlook. They review the previous year, forecast trends, employment rates, businesses moving into/out of Alaska, etc.

It's always interesting, and I get to have a reasonably good lunch with people I know.

And my tenants always like to hear which national retailers are preparing to move to Alaska. In many cases, the store they open in Anchorage is the first one in Alaska.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, the predicted snow has begun in earnest. Current predictions are for 3" to 5" tonight, 2" to 4" tomorrow, 5" to 8" on Monday. The high on Tuesday is predicted to be -5°. This could be an interesting weekend. But I have plenty of gas for the snowblower, so we can clear the drive if/when the snow lets up at some point.

Meanwhile, we all have four wheel drives, and going where we need to go - if we need to - isn't an issue.

The highway heading north out of Anchorage at 2:45 pm today. By tomorrow morning, it will be a lot whiter. :)

* Building Owners and Manager's Association


SENIOR said...

Sorry to spoil your snow but we were in the 70's here today in SC. Sigh.....

Rev. Paul said...

Senior, the only thing that would spoil our snow is if we didn't get any. Alaskan WANT snow & cold weather; it's a big reason we're here. But your weather sounds really nice. Enjoy!

Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

Ice and snow here today. The local forecasters are good at setting out panic on the locals when talking about severe weather.

Rev. Paul said...

We tend to ignore local news because sensationalism gets really old, real quickly. Stay safe.

Rob said...

WE too are under the gun for Monday 3 to 5 with freezing rain..Oh Joy. No CAP for me I'm not driving. Its not my skill in driving but everyone else.

Rev. Paul said...

If I had my druthers, I wouldn't drive the morning after a heavier snowfall, either, and for the same reason.