03 January 2017

Police Blotter: Forgery, Feral Cats, and Fire Alarms

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported that he was receiving death threats against his family via text message. The person making the threats was in Unalaska and caller’s family was in Spokane, WA. The person making the threats had no idea where the caller’s family was located and it appeared there was no way for the person to carry out his threats. Officers contacted the suspect and investigation revealed that the original caller had grossly exaggerated the content of the texts.
Officer reported a dog sitting in the middle of the roadway causing a hazard. The dog would run away from anyone who attempted to capture it and then come out and sit back in the middle of the roadway. The dog’s owner was notified and retrieved the dog.
Assistance Rendered
Officers responded to assist with a fire alarm. A 5 yo boy was found to have intentionally activated the alarm. He was educated on the dangers of his activities.
Officers found that an individual who reported his drug dealer had stolen his belongings was counterfeiting US currency. [Two men were] arrested for Forgery 1. [One] was also charged with MICS II.
Drunk Disturbance
Caller reported an individual that wanted to fight with him. Officers responded and found that the call was a ruse in order to get assistance with obtaining a taxi.
Caller complained that her neighbor was feeding cats which increased the feral cat population in the neighborhood which in turn increased the fox and eagle population which in turn created safety and sanitation issues. The neighbor was talked to concerning the laws pertaining to feeding wild animals.
Caller reported a dog at large following him. The dog was collected and due to the extremely high recidivism rate for the canine in question, [the owner], 22 yoa, was issued a citation for Dog at Large.


Old NFO said...

Call the Chinese restaurant, presto, NO cat problem... The 'chicken' might look a little funny for a few days... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

It might taste a bit off, too, but such is life, eh? :)