16 January 2017

Police Blotter: Suspicious Persons Are Suspicious

Assistance Rendered
Caller reported her truck stolen and being driven around town. The caller’s truck was seen by officers in the exact same location it has been in since the driver was arrested the previous night. The truck the caller saw was not her truck but one of similar design.
Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller requested assistance in retrieving his DVD’s. Officers pointed out that waking someone at 3:00 a.m. to get DVD’s was not reasonable. The caller agreed.
Assistance Rendered
Officers assisted in removing a drunken person who had locked himself in the bathroom of a local store. The individual was busy talking on his cell phone and didn’t realize he had been in the bathroom for such a long time. The individual was compliant and left the store without incident.
Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported finding a bloody sweatshirt in some bushes. Officers responded and observed the sweatshirt with the heavy presence of fish scales, slime and blood and determined the sweatshirt had been discarded after someone had used it to clean fish.
Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported receiving a threating letter in his boot. Officers responded and determined the letter in the boot was meant for someone else. All parties agreed to be civil.
Caller reported someone verbally threatening a bartender at a local liquor establishment. Officers responded, located the suspect and advised him he was too intoxicated to enter/remain in a licensed liquor establishment. Per bar staff, subject was trespassed from their property for a period of 24 hours.
Caller reported that the subject who had previously been trespassed from their property had returned. Officers responded and contacted the subject identified from the previous call. Officers identified the area that the subject was on as property he had previously been trespassed from and reiterated to him should he return he would be arrested. The subject said he understood and would not return.
Liquor Law Violation
Officer was approached by a bar patron who was disgruntled because the bar staff told him that he was too intoxicated and had been told to leave the bar. The officer concurred with the bar staff's observations and advised the subject that he was too intoxicated to enter any licensed liquor establishments for the remainder of the night. The subject vacated the area shortly thereafter.


threecollie said...

Sometimes I am suspicious of suspicious people.

Rev. Paul said...

Then ... you're both doing your jobs. :)

LindaG said...

I do not understand why trespass is used in that way. Why don't they just say barred from the property? Or ejected? Or some other word?
I must be too old, haha. It makes no sense to me.

Another interesting read, though!

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, it's because of the way the trespass laws are written in Alaska statutes. To have the police escort an unwanted guest from your property is to have them "trespassed".

Steve said...

Alternate title: Drunk Persons Are Drunk

Alternate alternate title: Stolen Truck Is Not Stolen

Know what I'm talking aboot?

Rev. Paul said...

The acceptable list of alternate titles for these posts is almost as long as the cumulative blotter. :)