31 January 2017

Police Blotter: Usual Suspects, Usual Causes

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported having lent his truck to three friends who had left town with their fishing boat apparently without returning his vehicle to the expected location. A few minutes later the caller reported having found his vehicle in a different location.
Caller reported he had been fired from his job, kicked out of company housing, had nowhere to go and was likely to freeze to death this night. An officer advised the man that his complaint against his employer was best handled in civil court.
A man who rolled his vehicle on Overland Drive and was subsequently injured was suspected of driving while intoxicated and without a valid license. Under investigation.
Protective Custody
Mental - A man who was injured in an auto accident admitted to purposefully running his vehicle off the road in an attempt to kill himself, in addition to making other statements and taking other actions which were not in the best interests of his physical health. The man was taken into protective custody pending evaluation by a mental health practitioner.
Officers responded to a report of an alleged assault and found that one man had displayed a vulgar hand gesture to another, and also left his razor trimmings in the bathroom the two men shared. A witness did confirm that the first man had tapped the second on the shoulder. Officers determined that the shoulder tap, stray hairs and middle finger did not rise to the level of a crime.
A possibly intoxicated driver struck both an immense guard rail and a parked vehicle in the Grand Aleutian parking lot. Officers found the suspect driver drinking in his hotel room; he claimed not to have seen the guard rail and not to remember hitting the parked car. Charges pending.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

"immense guard rail "

Obviously that guard rail jumped out in front of him as he was innocently driving along.

Rev. Paul said...

... and bit his car! Thank goodness the Aleutians don't have any trees, hmm?