15 February 2017

Sad News

Anchorage, despite its size - and trust me, 330,000 people is a lot when the entire State's population is only 710,000 - has not a lot of "big city" crime.
Sure there are muggings, break-ins, and car thefts, but those can happen most anywhere. But it doesn't often see headlines like the one this morning:

BREAKING: 2 dead, 17 sent to hospital with 'moderate to severe' injuries

A large, fatal fire with multiple victims has dozens of crews on scene in Spenard, according to the Anchorage Fire Department.  
Crews on scene say that 17 people have been sent to the hospital, and two people are confirmed to be dead. AFD says those sent to the hospital have injuries ranging from "moderate to severe." 
Fire crews are still working on the fire. Investigators with AFD remain on the scene, ensuring all hot spots are being put out. 
Units on the scene say investigations into the cause are stalled as the building has still not been declared structurally sound. Due to this, investigators have not been allowed to enter the structure to determine what exactly caused the fire. Witnesses at the scene said they saw people jumping from windows on the third floor.
30 34 units responded to the fire, reported as fully engaged (meaning the entire structure was ablaze) by 0230. At 0712 (i.e., now), it's under control, and surrounding streets are reopened.
* * * * *
Meanwhile, it's snowing heavily - a wet, slushy snow of a type we don't often get - and there's a winter weather advisory in place. This morning's commute was a real joy.
Fortunately, traffic was unusually light, and I only saw one accident - a vehicle on its side - on the way in. But I knew exactly where the warm front was, as I drove. At one point just south of the accident, my windshield was suddenly doused with a heavy load of water (!?!). Twice. And then back to snow again.
I've experienced snow/rain mixes in the past, often enough, but never all snow, then all rain for 2 or 3 seconds, and back to snow again. Rinse, repeat.
Strange. Anywho, AccuHunch calls for 3" to 6" of this wet, un-fun stuff.
All I know is, it would have been a good day to stay home.


Griz Alaska said...

Prayers lifted up for the families and friends of the deceased. And for injured to have a speedy recovery.†
Thank goodness, you folks have EMS services.

Rev. Paul said...

The Anchorage fire dept & EMS is really, really good. That, despite the Mayor doing his best to gut their budget.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Oh my gosh! Those poor people having to leave everything. Sending prayers to all families affected by this fire. God Bless those who lost their lives.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy. We know the injured & displaced need prayer.

Suz said...

30 crews! That is definitely a "working fire". One good thing about you having wet snow/rain/slop is that will also help with getting the fire under control. Firefighters are not fans of cold and dry humidity as it makes it harder to get the fire out.

Prayers for the folks who were sent off to the hospital, especially those who were medevaced to Seattle. Burn patients have it the worst, they are prone to more pain, respiratory and infection complications than other folks. They will have a long road ahead of them in getting better.

And don't be shoveling the wet heavy stuff...take it from someone who did it for years in upstate NY...snowblower only is the way to go!! Putting out your back is NOT recommended!! Neither is a heart attack!!

Rev. Paul said...

Suz, as a former firefighter, I can confirm the accuracy of your remarks regarding firefighters vs. the cold. You should talk to the guys in Fairbanks, where -65° isn't uncommon.

And we bought a new snowblower shortly after buying our house in the mountains. I don't do shoveling. :)