15 February 2017

Update on the Fire in Anchorage

Originally reported to 911 at 2:30 A.M., AFD units arrived on location within three minutes at the Royal Suite Lodge apartment complex, located at 3811 Minnesota Drive. A Second Alarm request for additional responders was made immediately because of the high-life safety risk and the apartment complex was estimated at 25% fire involvement, and 50% involved with fire in less than ten minutes. A total of thirty-four AFD fire apparatus, command, ambulances and support units were dispatched to the incident. 
This morning's fire included the additional challenge to AFD responders with multiple occupants suffering burns, smoke inhalation, traumatic injuries and medical events. A Multi-Victim Incident (MVI) was called and additional AFD ambulances requested to the scene. Federal privacy laws prevent specific personal identifiers or specific details to be released by the AFD to the media or public. 
Victims were here brought to a triage area by fire crews or self-identified to crews during the first hour of the fire. The most critically-injured patients were transported by ambulance to local hospitals first. Two fatalities were reported at the scene and a total of sixteen patients were transported by AFD ambulances. Patients were distributed between the four Anchorage-area hospitals (Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska Native Medical Center, Alaska Regional Hospital and the 673rd Medical Group Hospital on JBER). 
The majority of transported patients were adults and in serious or stable conditions; four adults were triaged by AFD personnel to be in critical condition. Four children were transported, two of which were in serious condition. 
People Mover buses were requested by the AFD Incident Commander to provide initial shelter for the occupants. The American Red Cross was immediately requested and would be providing for the temporary needs and sheltering of displaced occupants.


LindaG said...

This is terrible. Praying for all involved.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

That is a massive increase in size in only 10 minutes, from 25% to 50%. And I cannot possibly imagine what fighting a fire is like in a winter like Alaska. Prayers up.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda & TB, thank you.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Displaced from your residence and loss of your possessions? Bad. During an Alaskan winter? Tragedy.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF - true. The only silver lining, as minor as it may be, is that we're having warmish weather, rather than the subzero temps we had, recently.