21 February 2017

You May Be An Alaskan

If you have a bag of kitty litter in the trunk of your car, but you don't own a cat, you probably live in Alaska.

If you own a BBQ grill that is buried in the snow and it doesn't stop you from grilling, you might be an Alaskan.

If you own numerous tools by numerous manufacturers, but still none of them equal a matching set, you probably live in Alaska.

If you have gas heat in your home but you still own both an electric heater and a propane heater, you might be an Alaskan.

If you spend more time in your grow room then in your actual bedroom, because it's the warmest place in the house, you might live in Alaska.

If the entry way to your home doubles as a refrigerator, and sometimes even a freezer, you probably live in Alaska.

If you store the ice for your weekend parties out on the back porch, you might be an Alaskan.

If you keep your old potatoes and your old tires for planting come spring, you probably live in Alaska.

If you use a wet rag in place of Swiffer wipes on your Swiffer mop, you might be an Alaskan.

If your blankets, even the nice ones, double as blackout curtains, you probably live in Alaska.

If you use your old 200lb. console TV for weight in the back of your truck, instead of sandbags, you might be an Alaskan.

If you use duct tape to detail and customize your car instead of actually getting a paint or detail job done, you probably are an Alaskan.

If you made yourself a duct tape wallet, or a pair of duct tape sandals, instead of buying new ones, you probably are an Alaskan.

If you own a custom coffee table, a leather couch, and a king bed and you didn't have to pay more than $20 in gas for any of it, you probably live in Alaska.

If your idea of a 4-6 inch snow storm is just a "dusting," you probably live in Alaska.

If you don't wash your car or truck anymore because the dirt is the only thing holding it together, you might be an Alaskan.

If you believe in only 2 seasons, "hunting season" and "waiting for hunting season," you might be an Alaskan.

If you found your last 3 jobs, your last car, and your last girlfriend on Craigslist, you probably live in Alaska.


Mike said...

Funny stuff, but I'll bet a lot of it is close! :-)

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I am with Mike - I suspect much of this is suspiciously close to reality.

Suz said...

OK, so my DH lived in Alaska for 25+ years, moved back to western MI, and then met me (from up-state NY) so snow is a familiar thing to both of us...His attitude is there is no reason not to go someplace no matter what the weather-guesser is forecasting...course he worked for a while as a plow driver for a few years....my attitude is Nope, not going anyplace, it is supposed to be 2+ feet of snow, or freezing rain and ice...we go, he drives, and I pray A LOT. So far, we have gotten home ok each time.

We are always having the conversation Me:"You can't do THAT" Him: "Sure I can. Did it all the time in Alaska." Me: "But, but!!!"
Him: doing whatever it was...
Now I just shake my head and sigh. Lol

He has a buddy he met up there, same thing I swear!

Folks who live in Alaska are truly a different breed :)

Rev. Paul said...

Mike & TB - an uncomfortably large percentage of it is true. I do, however, have matching tool sets, but just completed those in the last five years. :)

Suz - if we stayed home every time there's snow in the forecast, we'd be house-bound from October until May. So - if we need to go out - we do. Different breed? Yes, decidedly so. No whining allowed, here. Folks do it, but real Alaskans won't stop to help them. ;^)

Old NFO said...

ROTF, probably ALL true... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

NFO - not every Alaskan is guilty of ALL of those, but we're all guilty of most of them. :)

threecollie said...

Sounds an awful lot like Upstate NY. lol

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I wish we lived in Alaska!!! About 50 percent of what's mentioned is done here in our home in OK.

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, I'm not surprised. The climate's similar in winter, too.

Sandy, you'd be welcome here. :)

The Author said...

If your luggage says "Action Packer" on it instead of "Samsonite"...

Rev. Paul said...

... and is held together with duct tape. Good one, Author.

The Author said...

And has enough "cool", "chill" or "freeze" stickers from Alaska Airlines on it to make a whole new roll...

(Can you tell I'm from the Bush?)

Rev. Paul said...

As a matter of fact, I can. ;^)

John Cunningham said...

I went to Alaska on a 2-year assignment, loved it, and stayed 25 years. one funny one--"You might be an Alaska if you see a hot chick wearing a string bikini on a beach in Hawaii and your first thought is, I wonder what she would look like in Carhartt overalls?