20 February 2017

Okay, NOW We're Tired

My wife and I both worked full days today, then came home and tackled the snow in the driveway. The long winter season, the amount of snow we've gotten this time 'round (above average), and the comings and goings of four vehicles, have contributed to quite a series of ridges and hollows for the length of the drive. All 275' of it.

Consequently, it's getting more difficult to wrestle the snowblower back and forth.

The snowplow (i.e., a large dump truck with a humongous blade) had already plowed both ends of the driveway closed. These new berms were 16" to 18" high, and four feet wide. That "adequate" snowblower I described in previous posts, almost wasn't.

If we weren't trying to pay off our upcoming hotel vacation stays in advance - a sizable chunk - I'd have ordered the new snow-beast already.

I'm pretty sure my nonstop narrative about the snow is less-than-fascinating for most of you, if not all. Sorry 'bout that. That topic pretty much dominates our lives during the heavy snowfall season.

And if all the above weren't enough, it seems there's a short in the 120-volt circuit for my truck's block heater. I've tried different extension cords, but the GFCI receptacle continues to trip no matter which one I use. Younger Daughter's works just fine, for the record, so that only leaves mine. And it's supposed to be -7 tonight. Oh well, at least the auto-start still works. :)

Thanks for stopping by, friends.


Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

Snow is a main issue for you up there. We totally understand, and never get tired of hearing about it :-) Do you have a neighbor with a snow plow on their truck who maybe able to assist with the snow removal on your driveway? Friends or neighbors helping neighbors is a good thing when living with snow.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, just about everyone else around us has one of those "snow beasts" I referred to. I wish I'd known that when they went on sale, last fall. :)