09 March 2017

Iditarod Update #13

Race Standings – Top 5 Mushers

1Mitch Seavey
Bib 16
IN TO Huslia
AT 03-09 20:18
2Jessie Royer
Bib 37
OUT OF Galena
AT 03-09 12:42
3Michelle Phillips
Bib 9
OUT OF Galena
AT 03-09 12:43
4Ralph Johannessen
Bib 39
OUT OF Galena
AT 03-09 13:53
5John Baker
Bib 65
OUT OF Galena
AT 03-09 14:45

Huslia is the halfway point. While the lead can still change hands any number of times, Mitch Seavey is determined to be a five-time champion. It's a very exclusive club.


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Only the halfway point? Good heavens, this is a long race! I do not think I have really paid attention before.

Rev. Paul said...

The race takes about 8 1/2 days, all told, for the swiftest teams. The last person to finish may be at 11 or 12 days.