10 March 2017

Iditarod Update #14

Race Standings – Top 5 Mushers

Bib 16
INTO Huslia
AT 03-09 20:18
Bib 24
INTO Huslia
AT 03-10 02:07
Bib 37
INTO Huslia
AT 03-10 03:56
Bib 9
INTO Huslia
AT 03-10 04:44
Bib 39
OUT OF Galena
AT 03-09 13:53

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Some sad news: one musher checked into Galena with a dog which had died. Story here.

This is very sad news, but it happens to dogs and long-distance human runners alike. The strain of the continuing effort brings physical defects to light which hadn't been previously detected. There was another dog (on another team) removed from the race earlier in the week when a heart murmur was found. But there are some 35 veterinarians along the trail, looking for things like this.

And along with the tragedy and heartbreak about the dog, Deacon, there will be the immediate hue and cry from PETA and other organizations, demanding the race be banned as cruel treatment. Sigh...


LindaG said...

PETA, who has never really saved an animal from anything.

Now People Eating Tasty Animals has more appeal for me.

Sad news, but as you say, it does happen. Thank you, again, for the update!

Rev. Paul said...

Linda - you're welcome, as always.