14 June 2017

Navy 'Taking a Hard Look' At Pulling Frigates Out of Mothballs

Navy 'Taking a Hard Look' At Pulling Frigates Out of Mothballs: Adm. Richardson said the move was under consideration, though it would likely entail significant effort to modernize the ships.

"We've got to be thoughtful about this," he said. " ... Those are some old ships and the technology on those ships is old. And in this exponential type of environment, a lot has changed since we last modernized those. So it will be a cost-benefit analysis in terms of how we do that."
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LindaG said...

Ah. But old might be good in an EMP attack? Not familiar with the Navy technology; but how many could be modernized for the cost of a similar ship now?

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, that's impossible for an old sailor to say. Depends largely upon what type of "modernization" they're talking about. Electronics? Weaponry? Both? Probably.

But there's no way for me to know the answer. I do think you're right about the total being less than building that many new ships.