24 September 2023

The Leaves They Are A-Changin'

 (with apologies to Bob Dylan)

Friday night, we had this:

This morning, we have this:

In preparation for the pending arrival of the tree removal folks, my wife and I disassembled a portion of the backyard fence and gate. We put a large pile of brush and branches (windfall from the last two major windstorms), and dragged it - in two loads - from the backyard, down the hill, and into the front yard. The tree folk will feed it to their chipper for free, since we're having nine large trees removed.

I'm not crazy about the gaping hole in the fence, but they need access to get their chipper up there. (I say "up" because the backyard is five feet above the driveway, which is nearly six feet above the front yard where the larger brush pile is.)

I'm grateful to say that while my stamina is not yet where it was, pre-heart attack, we got it all done. Praise God!

This morning, Older Daughter and I got under my SUV to find out why the splash shield was dangling only five inches off the ground on the driver's side. Turns out that five of the nine bolts securing said shield have fallen out. 

We moved one bolt from right to left, and secured another corner with a zip tie. Meanwhile, Amazon will be sending a handy set of replacement bolts and fasteners in a couple of days. 

And that's enough for now. Stay safe out there, and God bless you!


drjim said...

Things are turning here, too. The Aspens will be if the Fall Colors soon, and that really means Winter is on the way.

I took two wheelbarrows full of yard trash out and put it the bed of the truck. We'll (more likely ME) make a $25 dump run this week.

I was definitely bushed from the 30 minutes it took to move the stuff and load the truck. I still haven't fully recovered from this recent hospital stay, but I'm slowly getting better. At least my blood chemistry has settled back to normal!

Yes, Praise God, For He Is Good!

Rev. Paul said...

drjim, I'm so glad to hear that you're definitely on the mend. Yes, yard work takes time. But I thought our $20 per truck was spendy. 25? Yikes!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I was concerned that Autumn would not be here at The Ranch as it has not arrived in New Home, but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find that it had arrived. The sunlight has that cast that only Autumn brings.

Grateful to hear you are doing better. Praise God Indeed!

Rev. Paul said...

Autumn always arrives, but it doesn't always look like it. Sometimes the leaves just turn brown and fall off. We often go straight from late summer to ugly season (bare branches & brown grass, until the snow covers it all up).

Old NFO said...

That is a QUICK change! And good luck with the bolts... sigh