19 September 2023

... And CLOSER

It was 34° this morning (F, not C), and the termination dust has crept steadily down to the 2,000 ft mark. 

In the last 5 days, the trees have gone from a healthy green to a brownish green/yellow blend. Leaves, which have been falling slowly since August 1st, are now falling in earnest, in greater quantities.

Today is supposed to be a second consecutive rain-free day, so we'll try to use the leaf-blower to clear the driveway. The alternative is to hook up the power washer, so we'll settle for "noticeable improvement".

I need to pull a taillight, to replace a burnt-out brake light bulb. It took me a bit of searching to find accurate instructions on-line. I'm struck once again by how many DIY videos leave out critical steps, and they usually don't even mention blinker fluid. :)

That's enough whinging, so TTFN!


LindaG said...

I agree about the videos. It's like they think you know what you're doing already.
But if you did, you wouldn't need the video!

Wish I could send you some warm, Reverend!
You all be safe and God bless.

drjim said...

The trees have started turning here, too. First noticed it a few days ago, but now it's a definite shift. Overcast and drizzly here today, and we *might* break 70*.

The Ariens has been serviced, the gas cans are full with Sta-Bil added, and I ran it for about 20 minutes and changed the oil.

In the next few weeks I'll clean up the garage so SLW can get her car in, and the automotive work is slowly winding down for the year.

Keep watching those videos and you'll be able to qualify as "YouTube Certified Automotive Mechanic"!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Reverend, even here - far south of you - things are starting the turn and the squirrels are burying nuts. Seems really too early for this.

Howard Brewi said...

Here at Kenny Lake in the Copper River Basin Alaska we had 28F this morning and a mostly sunny day. Supposed to be a 90% chance of showers tomorrow. Worked on the wood pile today but need tome dry days to finish potatoes!

Diane said...

Reporting from Maine, Sir!

Some trees started changing weeks ago, very noticeable now. Leaves starting to fall but not in great numbers...yet.

I'm inundated with tomatoes now, pulling the green bean plants, started bringing in the squash today. Squash plants still plugging along but slowly (same for tomatoes) and their time is VERY limited. Still have carrots, some beets and radishes in the garden that I need to do something with, some carrots will spend the winter in the ground. The rest...who knows! Everything else is kaput.


Rev. Paul said...

All - thank you for the updates. And Diane, it's nice to hear from you. :)