30 November 2023

The Long Dark Tunnel Has Begun

That sounds ominous, doesn't it?

I refer to "the long, dark tunnel" of winter here, when we drive to and from work, and do after-work activities in the dark. Sunrise today is 9:43, sunset is at 3:54, and the winter solstice is still 22 days away.

So for the next six weeks we revert to mole people, learning to function mostly in the dark. We've had about four feet of snow already, and proper winter is just beginning. 

A lot of the snow melted or compacted over the last 10 days, with moderating temps, but the icebox seems to be returning. Of course, many of you live in areas where temps are also falling, so it's hardly a news flash. 

On another note, we've all but stopped watching anything resembling the news. It's depressing, maddening, and quite predictable. Kind of like a soap opera: watch it once a month only to find that nothing has changed. 

Only the faces of which dancing monkeys are currently chasing the cameras.

Sigh ...


LindaG said...

I remember the days of twilight. :)
Stay warm, be safe and God bless, Reverend.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Sarge, I ponder that I could manage that, but I know The Ravishing Mrs. T could not.

Agreed that the news is largely unwatchable. I struggle to find reliable sources, which often turn out to be overseas.

Rev. Paul said...

Linda, the long winter nights do make quite an impression. Thanks.

TB, one thing we didn't know until we moved up here is that the snow helps mitigate the darkness by reflecting whatever light is available. It's another reason why many leave their outside lights on, all winter.

drjim said...

We're not a daylight deprived as you are, but it sue does get dork earlier!

I avoid all the MSM news. I's not news the way it was when I grew up....