29 February 2024

Thursday Things

It's Becoming Clear Dept: "God is, indeed, exposing satan’s schemes and plans. Americans are beginning to see just how corrupt our government has become. They see the two-tiered system of justice. They are observing the insanity of plans to remove our borders, destroy our families and children, distort our history, and steal our nation. They see the dishonesty and deceit. They are coming to grips with the disheartening and horrifying truth that for many of our leaders, votes and power mean more than the lives of the American people. The corruption is all being unraveled, enabling the American people to analyze what is truly happening. The truth is painful, but necessary. And throughout this year, 2024, the process will intensify. The revelations will be amplified, and Americans will not like what they see."

Iditarod Update Dept: Rookie Review Part 1 and Part 2. Also, with the turmoil induced by the Iditarod Committee, it's interesting to note that Aaron Burmeister has come out of retirement

Alaska Weather:  It's gotten colder again, just in time for the Iditarod Trail race. The sled dogs actually prefer temps in the -30 range; they can run without overheating. It's not that cold here in the "banana belt" of the state, but definitely is in the Interior.

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Sandi said...

It is interesting, how the world looked to me when I was young vs. now. So much has changed. Or I have!