25 August 2013

A Teaser, of Sorts

We're back from the fair ... footsore, sunburned, well-fed but exhausted. Here are a few photos to whet your appetite for more (I hope).

Backdrop for the State Fair grounds (click to enlarge)

More backdrop

Kettle Korn, for Stephen

Chad Carpenter, creator of Tundra Comics (featured here from time to time)
Here's a grill emblem most of you won't have seen before.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

RE Hood decal. Spent many hours behind one in my youth.

Rev. Paul said...

Excellent, WSF - looks like it's well-designed & probably did a good job with a minimum of muss & fuss, too.

Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

Even though your feet are tired, did you have a good time?

Yum kettle corn :P

I recognize this emblem, oh.....I'm aging myself here, lol

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, it was quite enjoyable for the first few hours, until the crowds got too heavy. There's enough "country boy" left in me that the wall-to-wall people made me skittish.

Stephen said...

Thanks for the Kettle Corn...it's just like I remember it.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm happy to oblige, Stephen.