04 February 2015

Hump Day Blotter: Accidently on Purpose

Drunk Disturbance - Officer contacted a woman who was punching walls on various company buildings, and learned that she was upset because of some unkind things a friend had said about her. The officer advised the woman she could be charged with a crime if she damaged property with her blows. A comrade agreed to get the woman safely back to her own room.

Theft - A bar patron reported that his jacket, containing wallet, cell phones and a significant amount of cash, had been stolen after he left it on a bar stool while he went outside to smoke. Sometime later, bar staff noted a man wearing what appeared to be the stolen jacket. The man, who appeared ignorant of the fact that he was wearing a jacket other than his own, readily turned over the jacket and all its contents. His own jacket was found on a stool next to the one on which the missing jacket had been left. No charges filed.

Harrassment - Officers responded to a complaint that a woman was being physically harassed by a coworker, only to find out that the two parties had stood a room’s width apart, made one or two ambiguous comments and shot angry looks at one another. Officers told the two to stay away from one another.

Theft - A man who had on several occasions lent his phone to a buddy reported that his phone was now missing and he believed his buddy may have taken it. The buddy denied having done any such thing. When the phone in question was located in the trash can immediately next to the buddy, he immediately confessed to having “found” the phone and having “accidentally” erased all the data on it. The phone was returned to the rightful owner. No charges filed per the victim’s request.

Traffic Crime - Complaint about a taxi driver’s inability to drive in a manner appropriate to road conditions. An officer contacted the suspect driver and suggested she both drive more carefully and consider using the 4WD with which her vehicle was equipped.

Traffic Crime - Two drivers received speeding citations after pedestrians complained about the drivers' speed and their unmistakably unrepentant attitude when asked to slow down.

Assault - A caller who provided inaccurate information about his location reported he had been assaulted the previous night in an unidentified bar by a man he knew only by first name. The caller had tried to strike up a conversation with the suspect, but the suspect showed no desire to speak with him and eventually hit him in the head. The victim declined to press charges.

Disorderly Conduct / Protective Custody, Alcohol - Store management asked for assistance removing a drunk who was passed out in the lobby. Officers helped remove the man from the premises. The drunk returned to the grocery store and passed out again, this time on a bench outside the facility. The drunkard was taken into protective custody when it became clear he believed he was on a boat rather than in front of a store.


Old NFO said...

On a boat? Really??? Just how drunk WAS he???

Rev. Paul said...

At least at the hallucinatory stage, NFO, if not far beyond it.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

"Alcohol may have been a factor..."

Rev. Paul said...

Wing - you don't say! You really think so? :)