29 May 2015

A Winter's Day: Visiting Merrill Field

Merrill Field, Anchorage's first commercial airport, is located east of downtown, in an older part of town. For those who've driven here on the Alaska Highway, it's the airfield you passed while heading toward downtown.

As a follow-up to an earlier post, here are more of the aircraft we looked at ... and in.

Somebody had a REALLY bad day

You don't fly these; you wear them

WASP engine

A post-war Taylorcraft - I understand the Army Air Corps used these as trainers. This one was subsequently flown to the Midwest by a friend.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Nice looking planes. Are you out shopping?

Rev. Paul said...

Sadly, no, Sandy. But I love to look!

Murphy's Law said...

I would LOVE a nice Super Cub. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be up in Alaska these days.

Jenny said...

Meeeeemories... :)

Rev. Paul said...

ML - but they bounce so nicely on the tundra!

Jenny, it was a good day. :)